For years we've explored what nature makes possible. We are scientists, but also health advocates who understand the desire to be strong, fit, healthy, active and whole. We've created products that enhance our human experience by creating powerful connection points between nature and science, maturity and youth, and men and women.


In 2001, after having used our combined talents for so many years to help launch numerous products for several Fortune 500 companies, we, Founders, decided to make our skill sets available to entrepreneurs everywhere by forming Dreamspan LLC. Our primary objective was to help new entrepreneurs "span" the gap between their 'Dreams' (new product aspirations) and selling fully-developed products on store shelves. Although it wasn't long into the process, that Fortune 500 companies begin to knock on our door seeking help with innovation as well.

Helping others through the 'infancy' of their new ventures and products was rewarding, but we began to miss not being able to 'raise' our newly created products completely through their 'adolescence' and 'adulthood.' As a result, in 2004 we began to research, formulate, prototype, develop and manufacture our own "Dream Brands". DreamBrands Inc. was formed in order to give the world those new products that we felt it needed most - products that would improve our own quality of life and help us defy our own maturity. After all, none of us at DreamBrands feel that the candles on our birthday cake come anywhere close to relating our age and lifestyle. Instead, we believe each candle represents a new found skill or asset that we've acquired in life, as opposed to another year of getting older or weaker.

As we have grown, we continue to attract like-minded talent to our company and have assembled quite an impressive team of specialists including researchers, visionaries, formulators, designers, chemists, marketers, and engineers. Together, we continue to research, develop and market solutions available to anyone wishing to improve their own quality of life.

Join our movement. Defy Maturity!


We are scientists on a mission to formulate greatness - to do what's good and useful and improve on what exists, or create what should. We use smart science and the wisdom of experience to imagine and develop patented, astounding scientific breakthroughs. Our innovation team blends technical and creative expertise to dream up and then develop products to the finest detail. We draw from deep science backgrounds and an entrepreneurial spirit to turn innovative concepts into commercially successful products - products we are passionate about. DreamBrands product lineup is intended to meet the under-served and growing needs of the vast "boomer" generation seeking to "defy maturity."


DreamBrands, which is well-anchored in health and wellness, utilizes natural quality ingredients. Our highly experienced Research & Development team globally sources, tests, and creates proprietary blends of naturally occurring plant-based ingredients that have proven highly efficacious through extensive scientific research. The comprehensive product line delivers innovative natural solutions for inner wellness (nutritional supplements) as well as outer wellness (personal care), and the effectiveness of each product is enhanced by proprietary ingredient delivery systems.


DreamBrands' Management offers the practical technical experience, unique creative skills and backgrounds in multiple disciplines that are needed to timely complete a successful product development process:

Gary S. Kehoe
Chief Executive Officer and Director
Gary is a nationally renowned formulator and expert advisor in the health and wellness field. Gary is known for creating innovative products that truly solve health issues and improve quality of life. Though we try and keep Gary out of the lab these days, his insight from over 30 years of research experience is, and will always be, a cornerstone within our product development laboratory. Gary continues to be recognized for his unique ability to identify innovative new product concepts and breakthrough technologies. He has a proven ability to create practical solutions that have resulted in multiple patent applications and successful commercial products. Mr. Kehoe held senior management positions for the Wm. Wrigley Jr. Company, Gum Tech International, Dreamspan Product Innovation and the Nabisco Foods Group.
Cecile Kehoe
Chief Operating Officer
Mrs. Kehoe has a diverse background in management operations of personal care, food and OTC drug facilities in both large and small companies, primarily in delivering cost reductions, process improvements, and efficient utilization of assets. She was employed as Factory Manager for Wrigley Manufacturing Company, where she managed the operations of a 65,000 square foot factory that employed over 100 employees plus 50-100 temporary staff. She was selected for the Wrigley Innovation Team Award for most successful introduction of a new product in Wrigley history.
Jonathan K. Hall
Chief Financial Officer and Director
Mr. Hall has over 30 years experience in product innovation, private equity and managing emerging businesses highlighted by his experience in managing venture capital funds, as well as start-up companies. Prior to founding DreamBrands, Mr. Hall held senior management positions for CDR Capital Advisors and Security Pacific Venture Capital Group, one of the largest and most successful financial institution venture capital programs in the country.
Ronald M. Pannuzzo
Director of Brand Management and Director
Mr. Pannuzzo has over 20 years of experience in marketing, brand positioning, and new product development where his brand efforts have resulted in a 3 to 5 times increase in shareholder value for companies such as Disney, Wrigley, Vodavi, Gum Tech, and Barbosal amongst others. Mr. Pannuzzo was named Adweek Magazines' Creative All-Star Team and has received over 65 Addy Awards for his work.

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